Jeff Mills’ Radio Show ‘The Outer Limits’ To Air New Episode, ‘Apollo 18’

Set to air on March 14, chapter 2 will explore the fictional story of NASA’s ‘Apollo 18’.

Last January, Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills teamed up with London-based radio station NTS to present ‘The Outer Limits’, a brand new radio show created in collaboration with NASA and Mills’ Axis Records.

The six-part radio series focuses on exploring different intergalactic theories as “interstellar travel, theories of time, the mysteries of deep space and the uncharted alien depths of the Earth’s oceans,” with each episode made up of new unreleased music by Mills and his guest musicians.

Set to air on March 14 at 2pm GMT via NTS radio, chapter 2 of The Outer Limits will explore the fictional story of NASA’s ‘Apollo 18’, a mission that was officially cancelled by the US government due to budgetary constraints which also lead to the end of NASA’s Apollo missions.

Mills’ 60 minute musical odyssey resumes the program with an abstract and musically interwoven episode of all original compositions that features Parisian cellist, Éric-Maria Couturier.

The first episode titled ‘Black Hole’, aired on January 17, explored the different theories behind the black holes. Head here for more info.

The Outers Limits – episode 1 Black Hole. LIVE NOW on @nts_radio

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