Detroit Techno godfathers Jeff Mills and Eddie Fowlkes have teamed up with the world-renowned poet Jessica Care Moore on a collaborative album for the first time under the moniker The Beneficiaries.

Out July 24th via Mills’ Axis Records label, The Crystal City Is Alive is a six-track LP about the city of Detroit, a creative hub full of innovative music, art, dance and poetry. Mills and Fowlkes wrote the music while Moore wrote the words.

In 2018, the idea was introduced by Jeff Mills to address the lack of artistic collaborations within and from the city of Detroit/USA. The city had always been an engine of new innovative ideas related to music, art, dance, poetry and all other arts. It was thought of as a way to demonstrate the commonality people possess from various art forms and that by mixing ideas visions and perspectives together are might produce unexpected and often provocative results,” a press statement reads.

Listen to samples here.

01. Metallic Stars
02. People
03. Star Children Of Orion
04. When The Sun Loves You Back
05. The X
06. The Crystal City Is Alive


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