Detroit techno legend Jeff Mills has joined forces with London-based radio station NTS to present ‘The Outer Limits’, a brand new radio show created in collaboration with NASA and Mills’ Axis Records.

The six-part radio series will focus on exploring different intergalactic theories as “interstellar travel, theories of time, the mysteries of deep space and the uncharted alien depths of the Earth’s oceans.” All the episodes will host an array of critically acclaimed experts and guest artists from the fields of classical, jazz, electronic music and many other creative art forms. The score for each episode will be made up of new unreleased music by Mills and his guest musicians.

Set to air on Wednesday 17th January at 2pm GMT, the first episode titled ‘Black Hole’ will explore the different theories behind the black holes. Split into four different segments, titled ‘Parallel Reality’, ‘Worm Holes’, ‘Time In Reverse’ and ‘The Stand Still Of Time’, the soundtrack is composed by Jeff Mills and features performances by American pianist Kathleen Supové and British violinist Thomas Gould, while the guest commentator is Dr. Jameson Graef Rollins of Caltech’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory.

In a statement about the new radio programme, the techno legend said: “Working in radio for almost a decade during the 1980s gave me a different perspective on how audio and music can be impactful devices. The freedom I was allowed then, to program whatever I chose, made me think at length about how to make programs interesting and informative for listeners. This has inspired my approach for ‘The Outer Limits’, to create radio resembling TV science fiction, dealing with subjects that can be humbling and psychologically introspective, without needing to have predictable happy endings. If you can imagine a young person running an untethered radio show having grown up in the Midwest, regularly watching Rod Serling’s ‘The Twilight Zone’, collecting Marvel comics, all the while NASA was sending humans up into outer space, well, you get the idea…

‘The Outer Limits’, titled after a science fiction US TV series in the 1960s is yet another opportunity for me to explore the unknown through music and fantastical storytelling. The aim of this radio program is to deliver wild experiences, first and foremost. This is something that I believe each and every one of us needs more of. These episodes will be told in an uncompromising manner, constructed in ways conventional radio dares not explore. ‘The Outer Limits’ is informative, providing useful information, but in a never before seen format …” 

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