Yesterday night at Fabrique Club, packed with humans of all kinds, Milan welcomed British producer Bonobo for his live show supporting last album “Migration” released early this year.

Bonobo – real name Simon Green – from his part delivered back to the audience an imaginative live show with full band and visuals, suitable for everybody yet strongly “Migration” centered. There are dream pop melodies mixed up with more uptempo and danceable beats, world music patterns splashing onto electronic canvas, in a rhythm rollercoaster that is never annoying. In Bonobo music there are no new sounds, but his almost jazz approach in freely mixing elements that – on paper – would probably clash is a relief for everybody thinks music should not be a matter of clique.

Un post condiviso da Fabrique Milano (@fabrique_milano) in data:

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Un post condiviso da Raffo (@_raffo_ska_) in data:

If you are in Italy and didn’t get the chance of immerse yourself into Bonobo’s world you can enjoy a trip next summer: July 8 at Cavea Auditorium Parco della Musica at “Luglio Suona Bene” and on July 9 at Locus Festival in Locorotondo (BA) where he will play in a line up that features the likes of Benjamin Clementine, Yussef Kamaal, The Heliocentrics, Robert Glasper Experiment and Bokanté.

Edited by Gianluigi Riccardo.


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