George FitzGerald And Bonobo Joined Forces For A New Single

The full LP "All That Must Be" will be released on March 9th.

The third single of George FitzGeraldOutgrown“, track on his upcoming LP “All That Must Be“, was born with the great collaboration with Bonobo.

The LP, which also features collaborations with Lil Silva, and Tracey Thorn, will be released Friday, March 9th via Double Six Recordings.

FitzGerald described the album as “a big step for me as a musician and a human being.” 

After FitzGerald opened up for Bonobo in London, Amsterdam and Brighton this November, introducing himself to a new live-setup and band-oriented approach, the two acts joined forces to create the dreamy and evocative song.

Thanks to Bonobo’s great skills on live-sets and decks, and Fitzgerald’s advanced musical direction, they’ve been able to give life to breathtaking melodies.


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