Renowned German techno institution Tresor Records has announced the re-release of five seminal works from its back catalogue. The reissues will be spread out from November to February, with four of them coming in November.

The albums will be as follows: Jeff MillsWaveform Transmission Vol. 3, Internal Empire by Robert HoodJuan Atkins Infinti project SkynetDrexciya’s Neptune’s Lair and Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks from Scion.

As a press release states, “each of the reissues represent key moments in the history of Tresor Records. Jeff Mills’ Waveform Transmissions Vol. 3 and Robert Hood’s Internal Empire illustrate Tresor’s connection with Detroit’s Underground Resistance collective, as well the development of both Mills’ and Hood’s singular take on Detroit techno.

Both Skynet and Neptune’s Lair move this development further, with Atkins focusing in on the melodic and emotional elements of his industrial sonic palette and Drexciya weaving a dense politicized mythology with their aquatic imagery and futuristic electro sound.

Finally, Scion’s extended mix of tracks from techno luminaries Basic Channel is an important document in the history of Berlin techno, highlighting the most essential cuts from the German duo’s discography.

All albums will receive vinyl reissues except Scion’s Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks, which gets a limited CD edition.

Listen to a preview of Jeff Mills’ Waveform Transmission Vol.3 and see below for the release dates and formats.

November 2: Jeff Mills – Waveform Transmission Vol.3
Limited, stamped and hand-numbered 2LP Vinyl

November 16: Infiniti – Skynet
2LP Vinyl

November 23: Scion – Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks
Limited CD edition

November 30: Drexciya – Neptune’s Lair
2LP Vinyl

February 1: Robert Hood – Internal Empire
2LP Vinyl / CD


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