Sly Turner And Nick Siarom Released A Brand New EP

Titled "When I Dance/Right Now", the EP is a fusion of the distictive sounds of the pair.

Atlanta-based label Psycho Disco! is back with another new release from Sly Turner and Nick Siarom.

San Diego’s Sly Turner and Brazilian producer Nick Siarom fuse together their respective sounds for two punchy classic house cuts and created their brand new EP, “When I Dance/Right Now”.

On lead single “When I Dance” the duo inject the track with shaky synth and a hypnotic melody. “Right Now”, on the other hand, with it’s bass rattling drums, heavy low end, a rhythmic flow and dynamic breakdown, gain a very intresting attitude.

You can listen to the two songs below, but you can also hear the project live on March 22nd at Miami Beach’s Townhouse, at the official Psycho Disco! Miami Music Week showcase.


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