Jeff Mills, in this fourth edition of his ‘The Outer Limits’ radio show, will explore the abstract thought through the chemistry of music and poetry, with a sixty-minute mix of original music, featuring spoken word by renowned American poet Jessica Care Moore.

The new episode, titled “The Exquisite Corpse”, is conceptualised around an old parlour game, popularised by André Breton during the Surrealist art movement in the mid twenties. In the game, participants contribute to a collaborative image or text, each contributing their own creativity whilst only viewing the last words or lines of the previous artist. The resulting artwork is thus a composite image, joining together disparate ideas into a disquietingly cohesive whole.

Marijke Jorritsma, Creative Technologist and NASA-JPL designer said: “Jeff’s project is an important contribution to the proselytization of space science; as a creative platform it invites us to think in new ways about our current and future explorations of the universe.

Watch the The Exquisite Corpse‘s trailer below!

The episode will air on August 15th from 3 to 4pm BST.


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