Reverb’s New Online Vinyl Marketplace Is Here

And it's free to sign up!

Chicago music gear marketplace Reverb has launched Reverb LP, a new online platform for buying and selling vinyl records and other physical formats.

Founded in 2013, the site has since become a popular website for users to buy and sell everything from guitars to professional turntables, giving you also the option of choosing among new, used, rare or handmade instruments and equipment.

As reported by The Vinyl Factory, the new platform is said to use a software similar to that of popular dating website, “ensuring that the right buyers and sellers find each other”. A 6% fee will be taken from every item sold on site.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune last August, Reverb Chief Operating Officer Dan Melnick said that the site “will differentiate itself from competitors with an attentive customer service team and an image-rich platform that emphasizes the uniqueness of album art.” He then added that “Reverb LP will also help sellers identify which specific pressings of an album they own so they can best determine pricing.”

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