Reverb LP – Reverb‘s online platform for buying and selling records – has launched its first mobile app for iOS and Android.

The new app lets users to browse from the popular website’s collection of new, used and rare records, and sell items right from their phone.

More than just a website, we’re creating an online community where buyers and sellers from all over are connecting over records, CDs, and other pieces of physical music that were previously out of their reach. The mobile app we’ve created will make it easier than ever for sellers to keep up with their shops and buyers to browse Reverb LP’s always-changing inventory on-the-go,” Reverb LP President Dan Melnick said in a statement.

Reverb launched its record marketplace, Reverb LP, back in December. Last month, Moby teamed up with the famous Chicago music gear marketplace to auction away nearly 200 drum machines from his private collection.

Get the Reverb LP app here!


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