Pioneer DJ has just launched a new app for recording DJ mixes called DJM-REC.

The new app allows you to record a set directly on your iPhone or iPad by using a USB cable linked to any of the Pioneer’s compatible DJM-series mixers equipped with the digital send/return feature port. Analogue recording in the app is also possible using the microphone function on a iPhone or iPad with an external microphone when your device isn’t connected to a DJM mixer.

You can control the peak limiter in the DJM mixer directly from the app to minimise clipping and distortion, without the need to do it manually on the recording device. Time-stamps for tracks are automatically created thanks to the information transmitted from the DJM mixer, such as the fader positions, to the app, making it easier to create tracklists.

DJM-REC functions also as a live-stream tool, since it allows you to effortlessly broadcast and share your mix over various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and Snapchat. In addition, you can upload it (as a WAV file) to cloud services like Mixcloud, SoundCloud and Dropbox.

DJM-REC is available for a 30-day free trial via the App Store now. The usual retail price is €10.99/$9.99. Find our more here.

The app’s launch follows the announcement of a new DJ controller from the company, the DDJ-1000.


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