Gearogs was launched in early 2016 as a database for all kinds of audio equipment. Currently there are categories for synthesisers, turntables, DJ mixers, drum machines, mixing desks, tape machines and more besides.

Speaking to Thump, founder and CEO Kevin Lewandowski has revealed that the first of these, Gearogs, is now set to become a marketplace in April.

“I’ve been focusing on what we call our meta-projects,” Lewandowski said, “like applying the Discogs concept to other things. We’ve started [a music gear database] Gearogs, because gear is so close to records. We’re launching a marketplace in April.”

There are currently over 10,000 turntables, synthesizers, headphones, mixers, sequencers, tape machines etc listed on Gearogs but expect this to rise rapidly once the marketplace function becomes a reality.


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