And Then There Was Light’, the soundtrack created by Jeff Mills for Tatsushi Omori‘s movie, will get its physical release on January 26th.

The Japanese film ‘And Then There Was Light‘ is based on the novel Hikari by Shion Miura. The music is an additional character in the scenes, showing the determination of the people and a great sense of loss, agony, and love.

The movie tells the story of a teenager who mistakes his girlfriend’s affair with her other lover for sexual assault and decides to kill the man. It is a journey into the dark side of memory, and in the ever present connection among love, passion and death.

Mills has already worked on other re-scores for classic movies like ‘Woman In The Moon’ and ‘Metropolis’. The album has partly come out digitally earlier this year, while the forthcoming CD on Axis Records will feature even more music, with 15 tracks altogether.

Watch the trailer for ‘And Then There Was Light’ movie below!


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