Björk has just dropped the second single from her forthcoming album.

Blissing Me” follows “The Gate“, which was released last September just after the announcement of her new LP titled ‘Utopia‘, out on November 24th through One Little Indian.

Blissing Me – out now (link in bio) #björk #utopia

Un post condiviso da Björk (@bjork) in data:

The video for “Blissing Me” has just premiered on Amazon Music! Watch it below!

During an interview with The Observer, she compared ‘Utopia‘ to Blinky, the three-eyed fish appearing in an episode of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons.

Björk thinks of her utopia as an island, perhaps one that was created out of an eco-disaster, an island where plants have mouths or hover like hummingbirds or grow out of your hands. “Do you know the fish in The Simpsons, that has three eyes? Like that.” (This makes me laugh: Björk is funnier than she’s given credit for.) In her head, women arrive to create a new, better society. They bring kids and music and eco-friendly tech, “and then there is the everyday life on the island”.

The Icelandic artist has also recently announced the new record will be available for purchase with cryptocurrencies too, i.e. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin and AudioCoin.

Have a look at the album artwork in the pic below!

Listen to “Blissing Me” below! (You can grab it here)

Here’s the tracklist for ‘Utopia‘.

1. Arisen My Senses
2. Blissing Me
3. The Gate
4. Utopia
5. Body Memory
6. Features Creatures
7. Courtship
8. Loss
9. Sue Me
10. Tabula Rasa
11. Claimstaker
12. Paradisa
13. Saint
14. Future Forever

Pre-order the album here!


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