Björk And Jesse Kanda Protagonists Of “Work in Progress” Documentary Series

The series examine the inner workings of creative minds.

The subjects of the first episode of “Work in Progress“, a documentary series produced by WeTransfer, are the Icelandic singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, and DJ Björk and vanguard visual artist Jesse Kanda.

The series is dedicated to the life behind the scenes, the inner workings of creative minds. The first episode shows some footage from the early performances of Björk, the interview about the music scene in her land, the importance of music videos, and the collaborative efforts with Jesse Kanda, who created her “Utopia” album cover and directed the sensual visuals of the track “Arisen My Senses”.

There’s so much more to music than just work,” said Björk “If I collaborate I want connections to be genuine; to be for real.


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