Jeff Mills and Tony Allen have joined forces for their first collaborative record, an EP titled Tomorrow Comes The Harvest, set for release this fall.

The Detroit techno pioneer and legendary Afrobeat drummer have been playing improvisational live sets together since 2016. During an interview with FACT, Mills said the project began when Allen asked Mills to play on an album with him: “It started off as a request for me to come in and play on an album, but once we got together, I showed him what I could do — then the idea of a show came up. That was the show at the New Morning in Paris.

He then explained what it was like to work with Allen: “Incredible. It’s really unusual how he manipulates rhythm. How he speaks, basically — everything that he does is part of a conversation. Once I understood that, then I knew an angle how I could meet him halfway with that. And it is percussion, but he has a very deep, very in-depth understanding of how it’s used in order to bring out a certain emotion,” adding that he has “never seen anyone treat the drum quite this way. Playing with him, and having conversations with him about how he invented Afrobeat, it was quite amazing.

Tomorrow Comes The Harvest will come out on September 28th via legendary jazz imprint Blue Note in two versions: a European version with four tracks and an expanded Japanese version that features an extra track and some alternative edits.

Listen to ‘The Seed‘ below and grab a copy here!

European version 
01. Locked And Loaded
02. Altitudes
03. On The Run
04. The Seed

Japanese version 
01. Locked And Loaded (Edit)
02. The Night Watcher feat. Carl Honcock Rux (Edit)
03. On The Run (Edit)
04. The Seed (Edit)
05. The Night Watcher (Instrumental / Edit)
06. Locked And Loaded
07. The Night Watcher feat. Carl Hancock Rux
08. On The Run
09. The Seed
10. The Night Watcher (Instrumental)


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