House of Frankie meets Luyo (Double Cheese Records) at MoBlack Base ADE 2016

During our visit at Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 we had the pleasure to meet LUYO at MoBlack Base and had a chat with him.

Luyo, central figure behind the meteoric rise of the italian records label Double Cheese Records, DJ/Producer Luyo has been one of the compelling stories to unfold in the House music scene over the past couple of years.

Luyo combustible nature behind the decks has earned him a burgeoning reputation, becoming one of the most talked about House music artist of the new generation. Former resident DJ at the most exclusive club in the caribbean (Abracadabra, Antigua West Indies) plays for the upper international clientele and events such as Soul II Soul’s Back II Life Festival, Ministry Of Sound World Tours and Amsterdam ADE.

2015 saw the release of his remixes for Kerri Chandler, DJ Spen and Susu Bobien, and his debut on Quantize Recordings with “Fire”, #1 on Traxsource and licensed on Hed Kandi and Soul Candi. In 2016 has already toured Thailand, Japan and Austria. While his production trademark is a soulful sound, is DJ set is deeply influenced by shamanism, and delivers an eclectic blend of House music with Afro, Deep and Soul influences.


House of Frankie, Amsterdam, MoBlack Base, ADE 21st edition we here are together with Luyo, thank you for being with us.

Thank you so much.

So, what do you think about this ADE 21st edition?

So far for me it’s the best one. I think it’s opening up a lot to the producers and deejays coming from the USA. The old school deejays from the United States are starting discovering this new market, they’re starting coming to Europe and to meet up  the upcoming producers from Europe. It’s really exciting this mixture of styles. I like that!

I totally agree. Can you tell us about your appointments here in Amsterdam during these days?

Last night, we had the label’s party at Rose’s Cantina by Double Cheese Records and Global Diplomacy and we had some great lines up with Yass, Richard Earnshaw, N’dinga Gaba and many other friends. On Saturday afternoon there is going to be a meet and greet with House of Frankie and Double Cheese Records at TOMS with a back to back, some drinks, it’s going to be fun! Moreover, on Saturday night, I’m playing for MoBlack at the Bulldog Hotel.

A lot of things to do and I guess a lot of fun too! So what do you think about our House of Frankie Underground Radio?

It’s a very exciting project and I’m very proud that something so nice is coming out from Italy. I think it’s a great platform for labels and producers; it’s a good tool and I look forward to work together and to improve House Music style and culture in Italy and of course worldwide too.

Thank you so much. We appreciate it. Least but not last, can you tell us about your projects for the future? I’m sure they will be amazing.   

We are starting our fifth year as a label, Double Cheese Records, we are closing up the year with my number one track “Ancestral”. I’m keeping on working on this style, the Afro House and we’re opening the new year with a Dj Spen compilation with the best of the catalogue so a really exciting project.

Congratulations for your amazing project and thank you for being with us. Thank you to Luyo.


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