House of Frankie meets Peppe Citarella at ADE 2016

We had the pleasure to meet Peppe Citarella during Amsterdam Dance Event 2016, and had a chat with him.

Peppe Citarella is one of the most representative Italian DJs and producers in the Afro House music scene.

He began to play his dad’s vinyls when he was a teenager, focusing on Stevie Wonder and Barry White. Listening Soul, R&B and Disco he was captured by the music world, which would become a consistent part of his life. During ’90 Peppe Citarella explored his instinct, buying records by himself and moving freely among all the different genres, like Jazz, Garage, Old School. He dreamt to play drums, but he approached the art of mixing, looking for warm and natural sounds. As a Black Music and House Music passionate, Peppe Citarella built his set characterized by Soulful genre. Peppe’s talent was mature and allowed him to experience new frontiers, different from Italy. So he challenged latin world; there Peppe discovered different cultures and a new music concept that actually belonged to him from birth, since his maternal grandmother had Mexican origin. After a couple of years spent across the world, Peppe decided to import in Italy this fund of experience. Peppe was excited, so he was back again to entertain dancers in Italian clubs. Best Italian stages saw Peppe in console; appreciated for his style. Peppe was skilful in playing dj sets with U.S. sounds.
In 2008 he joined “Qi Clubbing Family” and became an undisputed resident Dj in the privè area, confirming his success in the best Italian clubs. The same year, Peppe got in contact with India during an exhibition in Aversa, his birth-place; the house and latin music background of the famous artist allowed Peppe, as India’s supporter, to experience on international stages.
These collaboration led Peppe and India to the first hit titled “Tacalacateo”. Tacalacateo ranked at the TOP of the Best International Dance Chart and “Billboard” Dance/Club Play Song Chart. In 2012, Peppe produced “MamaAfrica” with India and Paki Palmieri. Unique style, mixing tribal rhythms and soul. As an original mix version it became a Hit in most popular charts and “Citarella Dub Piano Mix” played in Clubs worldwide, Japan included. With this song, Peppe, initiated important collaborations with many famous labels, e.g. “Tony Records” CEO Tony Humphries, Dj Jacko Label/Production Manager and A&R in this time, Peppe and Dj Jacko formed “Two 4 Soul” a group that mostly produces soulful and house music.

In 2015 he started the collaboration with DJ Spen who started publishing Peppe Citarella’s works on his labels “Quantize” & “Unquantize”. The first song was “Yangui ci Birr” featuring African percussion sounds with a ghanaian text and a very hot trumpet; this was Peppe Citarella’s song that caught the attention during Dj Spen live performance at NEHUM party, (one of the most important organizations in Europe that offers exclusive musical nights and events), appreciating Peppe Citarella’s artistic qualities as Dj & Producer. In fact, after that, the release “Yangui ci Birr” dominated the top spot for six weeks in the top 100 of Afro House on Traxsource.

In 2016 he started to collaborate with other labels like “Vida Records” (founded by Pablo Fierro) with the song “Nawe”; with “MoBlack Records” (founded by Mimmo Falcone) with the song “Ayo Néné”.

Here is our short interview during ADE 21st Edition:

House of Frankie, Amsterdam, we’re here together with Peppe Citarella, thank you for being with us.

Hello to all the House of Frankie crew.

What can you tell us about this 21st edition? How is it going?

This year I think it has increased its turnout.

ADE has become a significant meeting point for both labels and producers and for all of us.

We have the opportunity to meet up personally and to establish direct contacts. This aspect is crucial.


Regarding all the events that are taking place during these days,

can you tell us any party where you are going to perform?

Sure. Tonight I’ll take part to the official MoBlack base the Bulldog Hotel and tomorrow night another official ADE event at Rose’s Cantina.

Great! Is there any new project for the future in the pipeline?

There is a soulful project coming out next month by Tony Records label in collaboration with Walter Ricci and Chelsea Como, it’s a cover track from Marvin Gaye “What’s going on”. I’ve been listening to it since I was a child; I have a special feeling with that song. Now I’ve finally found the right moment to produce it and to create a respectful arrangement considering Marvin’s music level. I really hope to achieve a result that I like firsthand.

Then I have an Afro project with MoBlack label together with some friends of mine from Peru, that includes some tracks basing on Santeria’s typical songs all accompanied by live percussion rhythms. This will be released on MoBlack Records next month.

Wow, very original and interesting projects. As one last thing, can you tell us something about our Underground Radio, House of Frankie, which is starting in January?

As an Italian reality, I think this is an incredibly important initiative for all of us.

Having a support for all the music genres but especially for House, Soulful or Afro music, in Italy it means a lot.

Referring to the promotion, all my colleagues and I are doing our best to launch our products internationally and also foreign labels are involved.

But in this case, it means that our product is pushed in our country, in Italy, too.

This is the reason why House of Frankie will always have my support and my promos.

I’m deeply happy and proud of this radio.

Thank you so much to Peppe Citarella and good luck for all your projects.

Grazie a voi!


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