House of Frankie meets M. Caporale and Savio De Simone at ADE 2016

We met M. Caporale and Savio De Simone at ADE 2016 during one of the MoBlack Base events and had a small talk with them.

M. Caporale has been deejaying for twenty five years. He had many experiences in Turin (Italy) and international clubs playing mainly afro deep, house music and soulful garage.
As ex member of Soul Collective, he worked to develope the project of Soul City Movement. After the experience in clubs like Barcode, Exclusif, Bovary, Vaniglia, Top Club, M Day Festival, One Apple, Soundart and others, he became resident DJ at Caffe’ Macario in Turin every Saturday night sice 2009. He joined the staff of Radio Party Groove (Soul’are project) and in 2011 he became one of the members of the Funklovers Group, wich is  highly rewarded in the house music world. In 2012 he left the Funklovers and continued his experience as producer and remixer by himself. Nowadays he boasts collaborations with prestigious labels such as Nylon Trax, Cover Music, Irma Rec, House Tribe Rec, MoBlack Records and Vida Records.

Savio De Simone was born in Naples where he developed his passion for music at the age of 10, enchanted by his father (singer-songwriter). His passion keeps growing until the age of 14 when he decides to buy his first turntables and to start mixing vinyls. Since his most identifiable genre has always been House Music, he decided to convert his passion into real projects; among them “Solara” signed with Nulu Electronic and many more. Today he still focuses on expressing himself through his music.

We met M. Caporale and Savio De Simone at ADE 2016 during one of the MoBlack Base events and had a small talk with them:

Amsterdam, ADE 21st edition, we are here together with M. Caporale and Savio , thank you for being with us.

So what do you think about this 21st edition of ADE?

Caporale: it’s a fantastic event, every year it gets better. Nice feelings.

De Simone: Amazing. This year it’s more interesting than it was before, which means that they’re moving forward and doing always better.

One of the events in the ADE schedule is this one at MoBlack Base, how is it going?

De Simone: MoBlack Records it’s a growing label. From last year we have done great things.

Caporale: tonight is dedicated to MoBlack party. It’s an important night here in Amsterdam because as a meeting point for many artists it also lets you reap the benefit of a whole year’s work.

Just another question: would you like to tell us about your projects for the future, something that you are going to carry out?

Caporale: I have a couple of new remixes for Justin Imperiale, Carlos Francisco; a new album for Mark Di Meo; my second album and many other things.

De Simone: new projects with MoBlack Records and with other labels; there’s plenty of work and it always increases.

Thank you so much! Please give us a wish for House of Frankie.

Caporale: Thank you to House of Frankie. It’s a radio made up of true professionals.

Thank you for being with us.



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