During our House of Frankie and Double Cheese meet and greet at Toms Flagship Store in Amsterdam, we had a small talk with Antonio Scarano and DJ and Producer Peppe Citarella regarding their project NEA “Music Inside”.

logoneaNea “Music Inside” is a new brand of handcrafted DJ Isolators and Rotary Mixers designed with care and integrity for the DJ that requires audiophile quality.

NEA products has been adopted by many top djs, among them the Kings of House David Morales and Louie Vega and Peppe Citarella that has been the first one to test and develop the Isolators and Rotary Mixers.

Here is our small talk with them:

House of Frankie and Double Cheese event at TOMS Flagship Store in Amsterdam.

We are here together with a new brand of deejays equipment called “NEA”,  by Antonio Scarano and Peppe Citarella. Thank you for being with us!

This is a new amazing project! Would you like to give us more details about it?

NEA Music Inside brand was born in 2015 and it was my idea in collaboration with Peppe Citarella who was the first to test our products. We produce professional rotary mixers and isolators thought for House, Soulful and Afro Music deejays. Our equipment has been tested by many important deejays in the world and in several famous clubs: e.g. at Cielo NY and then also in many other countries like South Africa, Brazil, Hong Kong and here in Amsterdam during ADE 2016. Louie Vega is one of our main promoters together with Timmy Regisford, Terry Hunter, David Morales and the entire House Old School. To name just a few of our main products recently born, the Mixer Sum1 has been used for the first time here at ADE, moreover there is the model ISO-FOUR which is a Louie Vega project; the model ISO-SIX and many more. We are the first Italian business specialized in isolators (19 inches standard)  and rack mixers intended for this sector.

In Italy we are the first!

Wow great! This is an amazing project, during these months  you will have a lot of work to still develop and spread all over the world. Would you like to tell us where do you have been here in Amsterdam?

Did you take part to any of the events with your equipment?

We went to the MoBlack party with Mimmo Falcone, everyday both ISO-THREE and ISO-SIX have been used.

We had the Southport Weekender ADE reunion party together with Terry Hunter, Timmy Regisford, Davide Fiorese, and many more.Tonight we will be at Rose’s Cantina at the Urban Klub Event with Peppe Citarella, Giulio Bonaccio, Kenny Carpenter, Dj Jacko.

Peppe Citarella:  many Italian deejays but International too. Tonight we will use both the SUMM-ONE (the one that Antonio was talking about before) and ISO-SIX.

I would like to say something regarding this project cause I feel involved at firsthand.  The project that Antonio presented me has caught my interest instantly. Like all the engineered and designed things, particularly referring to the electronic field, our products need to be carefully looked out in order to guarantee security for the future, especially for those deejays who continuously travel around the world. Our research is focused on reliability, so that our products, even if moved around, can work always in the same way, despite intercontinental transfers and all the usages and dismantling. Referring to the sound and its quality I was very impressed since the very first day when I had the opportunity to listen to them. I really listened to the analogic sound, I clearly listened to the accentuated sound and frequencies, we are talking about a 20dB gain isolator, which is a lot when you’re working and you’re giving this amount on a particular frequency range. Despite this, thanks to our engineers and Antonio skills, after several tests, we succeeded  in limiting the isolators’ distortion. Today that we receive excellent feedbacks, we are keeping our test phase. From the Italians to the international deejays, what really counts for us are constant feedbacks, so we are stimulated to improve every day more. We go on humbly, there are very important worldwide brands  that have made the history of this sector and  I firsthand use and appreciate them. We’re trying to make a product that keeps our sound and the right quality at the same time, in order to keep up with big deejays needs and counting on their feedbacks so that we can solve and prevent any problems. Till now I’m very proud of what we have done in a few months and of the confidence placed in us.

Ok great thank you so much and congratulations for your amazing projects! They will be very successful for sure.

Hope to see you on HOUSE of Frankie, thank you to Antonio Scarano and Peppe Citarella.

More on: www.neamusicinside.com





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