Francesca Lombardo has made her debut on Anja Schneider’s new imprint, Sous Music label with a track called ‘Spondylus’.

Out now, the cut is a “captivating nine-and-a-half-minute mind-melting journey, full of hypnotic synths and louring undertows that captures the Italian’s skill for expansive multi-layered arrangements that still manage to make the dancefloor kick,” a press release reads.

Also included in the EP is the ‘Anja Schneider‘ version of the original track. The Sous boss steps up for a punchy groove-laden remix, plenty of “crisp percussive layers and euphoric toplines that carries a distinct Motor City vibe.

“Francesca is so diverse and talented and always manages to capture this special vibe. ‘Spondylus’ has this timeless energy to it that caught my attention from the first listen. I will be playing for a long time to come,” says Anja.

Spondylus is the first EP from an artist other than the Berlin boss to come out on the fledgeling imprint.

Listen to ‘Spondylus EP‘ below!

1. Spondylus
2. Spondylus – Anja Schneider Remix


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