Italian electronic music producer and DJ Francesca Lombardo has just delivered the remix EP for ‘Eye Ring’, the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album Life Of Leaf.

Out now via Echolette Records, the new remix package showcases some of House and Techno’s finest, including five club ready remixes from Martin Buttrich, Guti & Francesco Tristano and Lombardo herself.

Opening the EP is Lombardo’s rework of the single, which presents “an accomplished Tech tool with a deeper sense of meaning. Strings build towards an effective crescendo, propelled forward by solid hi-hat patterns. Injecting a stronger dose of mysticism, Francesca forgoes using her own vocal samples, instead honing in on a meditative, heads down state.

Buttrich delivers two more edits following his mesmerizing reinterpretation on the Song Remixes EP. ‘Dub Thing Two’ showcases Martin’s ability to create driving, animalistic basslines that pulsate throughout the track, whilst never diminishing the essence of Francesca’s expressive original.

Dub Thing One’ sees the Barcelona-based German producer “increase the tempo, taking a more contemplative stance, as subtle percussive elements and snappy frequencies add decisive progression to the tracks overall structure. Rolling arpeggios and hi-end atmospherics are pushed into trippier realms via Francesca’s vocals, deeply submerged in reverberation.

Guti & Francesco Tristano joined forces for a further two remixes, providing two minimal masterpieces. The first is a driving and powerful cut adorned with broken flickers of Francesca’s vocals, woven throughout the track. The second offers heavy-hitting minimalism vibes.

Listen to ‘Eye Ring (Dance Remixes)‘ below!

1. Francesca Lombardo – ‘Eye Ring’ (Francesca Lombardo Remix)
2. Francesca Lombardo – ‘Eye Ring’ (Martin Buttrich’s Dub Thing Two)
3. Francesca Lombardo – ‘Eye Ring’ (Guti & Francesco Tristano’s Another Paradise Remix)
4. Francesca Lombardo – ‘Eye Ring’ (Matrin Buttrich’s Dub Thing One)
5. Francesca Lombardo – ‘Eye Ring’ (Guti & Francesco Tristano’s Another Paradise Postlatin Remix)


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