Rick ‘the Godson’ Wilhite will drop his new double-EP, ‘The Godson IV‘, on August 10th through Moodymann‘s Mahogani Music.

The release marks the first Wilhite’s solo production since ‘Freedom School Dj Series Vol. 1‘ in 2013. ‘The Godson IV’ will come in both vinyl and digital format, and it will feature a rework of the 2007 Moodymann track “Technologystolemyvinyle“, while another cut is a Wilhite remix of a production by Folson & Tate.

Listen to clips from ‘The Godson IV’ below!

A Xanadu 3.0
B Sonar Funk
C Moodymann & Rick Wilhite – Technologystolemyvinyle (Godsons Cosmic Soup Mix)
D Folson & Tate – Is It Because I’m Black (Godson’s Flip Mix)


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