Good news for all the beer drinkers out there! Sport giant Adidas has just revealed a new version of its classic München sneaker just in time for Oktoberfest – Munich’s famous beer festival.

The brand says that this special trainers are enshrouded in “a durable puke and beer repellent upper”, (DPBR) i.e. a special coating which will protect your feet from every beer shower or partygoer that might have had one too many.

The München are inspired by classic Bavarian leather pants and come exclusively in a rich brown complemented by three light brown stripes, while the interior presents the traditional red-and-white checked Oktoberfest-tablecloth style. Plus, Adidas has also added the word “Prost” – which is German for “Cheers!” –  above its traditional stripes.

But, that’s not all! If you pick up a pair of adidas München, you’ll also get a free beer mug!

You can buy them right now online.


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