Acid House And Rave Culture Ispired The New Adidas Spezial

The line Second Summer of Love has been designed by Gary Aspden.

The adidas Spezial‘s Spring/Summer 2018 collection was inpired by 30th year anniversary of the Second Summer of Love, when acid house and rave culture became popular across Britain.

The collection, Second Summer of Love, has been designed by Gary Aspden and features four classic silhouettes from the adidas archive, the Hulton, the Padiham, the Indoor Kreft and two colorways of the Glenbuck.

He described this new sneakers as “new products within the confines of a certain aesthetic.”

During the interview for END., Aspden explained why he decided to take ispiration from acid house and the Second Summer Of Love: “It felt like an interesting story to tell because adidas had such a relevance within that subculture… If you’re going to tell an acid house story, it’s impossible to tell that story without adidas running shoes. Running shoes were the best thing to wear if you were going to go out all night dancing.”

Watch the video of Gary Aspden introducing his new line below!

You can also register for the full pack on the END. web store.


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