Gucci and Frieze Celebrate The Second Summer Of Love With a Video Series

Exploring the social and political influence of Acid House.

Gucci and Frieze decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the international explosion of Acid House and rave culture, the so-called “Second Summer of Love“, with a series of artistic short films launching in the summer of 2018 and directed by the likes of Wu Tsang, Turner Prize-winning Jeremy Deller, Arthur Jafa, and emerging video artist Josh Blaaberg.

The project, which combines high fashion and art, delves into the social and political history of Acid House, from New York House music to Detroit Techno. Exploring not only the roots of the house music phenomenon but also its enduring impact on international contemporary culture. The huge impact of the Second Summer of Love can be seen in almost every facet of musical culture today.

The first short film of the series is award-winning filmmaker Wu Tsang’s “Into A Space of Love“, that features the artists Kevin Aviance and Kia LaBeija, looks at the 80s underground culture and examines the New York’s house music scene.

Watch Wu Tsang’s video below!


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