Chicago house producer and DJ Mike Dunn has a new album on the way called “My House From All Angles“, set to be out on December 1st via his own Blackball Muzik label together with MoreaboutMusic Records.

It’s Dunn’s first album since 1990’s “Free Your Mind” which was released on the UK label Desire Records.

The vinyl version of the LP contains 11 tracks, with three additional tunes for the digital release, blending “heavy 303 werk, deep stroboscopic acid, booty jackers, hip house and groovy US house/garage”.

I feel revitalised and full of ideas,” says Dunn, adding “Now I’m less young and complacent—I’m older and wiser“.

Using also different monikers like QX-1, The Jass Man, The Phunky People, The MD-XPress and The MD Connection, Dunn, who was a contemporary of Frankie Knuckles during the explosion of house music, played an important role in developing and popularizing acid house genre.

Mike Dunn & Frankie Knuckles – Archive

The Chicago DJ will also promote the new record with shows in cities through Europe and Australia.

Listen to “Modulation (Album MixX)” below!

01. Acid Rush (Vokal MixX)
02. Body Muzik (Album MixX)
03. Coal Mine (Album MixX)
04. DJ Beat That Shhh Feat. MD X-Spress (Album MixX)
05. Have It 4U Babe Feat. Jass Mann (Album MixX)
06. Let’s Go! (Album MixX)
07. Modulation (Album MixX)
08. Move It, Work It (Album MixX)
09. The Frontier (9-1-1) (Album MixX)
10. The Wake-Up Call Feat. Dee Jay Alicia (MD Vokal MixX)
11. You R’ Feat. J.R. Jordan (New Album MixX)


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