Get On Down Will Release Trax Records’ Classics From Frankie Knuckles To Adonis

These evergreen singles will be reissued this April on 7-inch vinyl.

Get On Down label decided to republish in April some Trax Records‘ classics on 7-inch vinyl, and a few of them will be issued for the first time.

The Boston-based record label will explore four evergreen singles of the famous Chicago House label, including Adonis‘s No Way Back, Mr. Fingers’ Can You Feel It/Washing Machine, Marshall Jefferson‘s Move Your Body/Drum Your Body (AKA the “House Music Anthem”) and Frankie Knucklescollaboration with Jamie Principle, Baby Wants To Ride/Your Love.

There will be some changes from the original releases from the 80s. “Can You Feel It” by Mr. Fingers was originally the A2 on the 1986 Washing Machine 12-inch, here it’s the A-side, and “Beyond The Clouds” has been removed. Also, the Larry Heard tracks, as well as the Adonis and Jefferson cuts, have not previously appeared in original form, on 7-inch vinyl though, “No Way Back” was pressed as a B-side to “Do It Properly”.

Frankie Knuckles – Baby Wants To Ride / Your Love
A Baby Wants To Ride
B Your Love

Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It / Washing Machine
A Can You Feel It
B Washing Machines

Adonis – No Way Back
A No Way Back (Vocal)
B No Way Back

Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body / Drum Your Body
A Move Your Body
B Drum Your Body


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