One of dance music’s most beloved and most respected figures. Anyone who’s passionate about house music and dancefloor history knows who Frankie Knuckles is, and knows even better that he was respectfully dubbed the ‘Godfather of House Music’.

‘Godfather’ is THE word for the man. Softly spoken, thoughtful and courteous, Frankie personified the generous spirit of the dancefloor, the inclusiveness of the generation who came of age during the liberating time of disco.

Without Frankie Knuckles, we wouldn’t be listening to and consuming music like we do today. Being author of the most sublime records in the scene, he raised the genre under his roof and gave it spiritual guidance as it grew. During his dj sets, always loaded with the beautiful, soulful house sound that came to define his career, the dance floor was mesmerized. The musical journey he used to create acted as a cure for the soul.

We still miss you Frankie! Rest in peace and may your music keep on moving people eternally!

Watch the interview to Frankie Knuckles from Nicky Siano’s documentary ‘Love Is The Message’

Watch Unsung: Frankie Knuckles and The Roots of House Music



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