Suction Records to release a new version of D’Arcangelo’s debut Rephlex EP

The record originally came out in 1996

Toronto imprint Suction Records will reissue D’Arcangelo‘s self-titled debut 12-inch on June 6th.

Originally issued via Aphex Twin and Grant Wilson-Claridge‘s seminal Rephlex imprint, D’Arcangelo struck a balance between caustic IDM and pristine synth pop. Suction Records founders Solvent and Lowfish connected with the combination of their two favorite sounds—AFX-style IDM and OMD-style synth pop—and credit the release as an inspiration for their label, which they launched back in 1997.

This is D’Arcangelo’s second appearance on Suction following a 1999 split with Solvent. The twin brothers Fabrizio and Marco D’Arcangelo remain active today.

Listen to a couple tracks off D’Arcangelo.


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