The New Roland’s TR-8S Drum Machine Will Be Released This Month

TR-8 is getting an upgrade with a lot of new features.

Roland will release this month a new drum machine called the TR-8S, result of an upgrade on the TR-8 machine released in 2014.

The TR-8S includes the sounds from all of Roland’s famous drum machines, the 808, 909, 707, 727 and 606, but it’s now also possible to upload preset and custom samples and customise them with specialised effects.

The new pattern memory can store 128 patterns (each with eight variations and three fills), with eight dedicated buttons for triggering and chaining patterns, allowing you to build more complex rhythms.

The 16-step sequencer now features parameter locking, which lets you record and loop changes to the sound in real time.

Eight individual outputs enable you to process each sound individually while a trigger output is on-board for sequencing external hardware.

With a high-resolution 24bit/96kHz digital to analog converters, the drum machine TR-8S is available for $699.

Give a glance also to Roland’s website for more informations, and check out the promo video below!


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