Nabihah Iqbal, the artist previously known as Throwing Shade, has just announced her debut album, titled ‘Weighing Of The Heart‘.

Coming out on December 1st via the UK label Ninja Tune, the LP deals with “themes of existential doubt, pondering the struggles and pleasures which mark day-to-day life.

The London-based DJ, producer and NTS Radio host has decided to use her real name on the record to “stand proudly as a female British Asian artist making music” and symbolize a change in sound from the music she was making under the moniker of Throwing Shade.

Something More“, ‘Weighing Of The Heart”s first single, is out today. Iqbal refers to it as “a song about a universal feeling that everyone shares, even if they try to hide or ignore it.” She the adds: “It’s about how true happiness and freedom only exist in the dimension of our fantasies, dreams and private thoughts. The reality of our physical existence constantly leaves us dissatisfied, frustrated and yearning for ‘something more,’ even though we’ll never find a way to remedy these feelings.

Listen to “Something More” below!

1. Eden Piece
2. Something More
3. Saw U Twice
4. In Visions
5. Alone Together
6. Zone 1 to 6000
7. Feels So Right
8. New New Eyes
9. Slowly
10. Eternal Passion


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