Helena Hauff has released two tracks, ‘Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg’ and ‘It Was All Fields Around Here When I Was A Kid‘, from her upcoming LP  ‘Qualm‘, due out on August 3rd via Ninja Tune, featuring 12 tracks in total.

Last week the German DJ and producer has also dropped 150 hand-numbered white labels under the alias ‘HH253’, the same day Ninja Tune released Qualm, a short film based on her new album, featuring Helena Hauff, and the first single of the LP.

Head here to pre-order the album, and listen to the two new tracks below!

01. Barrow Boot Boys
02. Lifestyle Guru
03. Btdr-revisited
04. Entropy Created You And Me
05. Fag Butts In The Fire Bucket
06. Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg
07. The Smell Of Suds And Steel
08. Primordial Sludge
09. Qualm
10. No Qualms
11. Panegyric
12. It Was All Fields Around Here When I Was A Kid


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