Italian DJ and producer Davide Squillace has shared the official video for his new album Once Upon A Time In Napoli, which was released March 30th through Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels label.

Speaking about the video, Davide explains “We shot the video in a surreal Naples, magical and dreamlike. It is a tribute to contemporary Neapolitan culture made by Neapolitan professionals for Naples.

He adds “‘Once upon a Time in Napoli’ is the story of my twenty years in dance music. The album covers the many textures of this journey, with influences of the early days in Naples to my Circoloco days in Ibiza. Ranging from the warmth of classic analogue synths to the crisp precision of digital beats.” ​

The story of the video:
I felt like I was in a dream of the future,
Amongst hearts of steel and morning salt.
I was telling myself I am a man, a man.
But I was just a kid…
Beauty..I didn’t get it,
But I was feeling it strongly in the unconscious sea.
Bit Bit Bit, aluminium…
I wanted it, I wanted it while I was following you…
Bright lights were feeding notes,
For others ..unknown..noisy.
Like stardust disappearing at the first sun
Enlightening an equal day…
While a never-ending fire was melting ice inside
I was swimming in the shadow of memories, looking for magic pearls…
I rebelled to the outside voices, experimenting the adventure of existence.
So I became crystal resilience, consciousness hope of the present time,
Seeker of beauty to give away
(Alessandro Giglio)

Listen to Once Upon A Time In Napoli below!

01 The Boogie Man feat. Alex Nazar
02 In The Mood For Love
03 Dada Is Back feat. Paki Palmieri’s Drums
04 Napoli Texas
05 Noah
06 How We Communicate
07 Vostok
08 Iron Odyssey
09 Holy Motors
10 The Sin Introducing Telemaco

Grab your copy here!


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