Craig Richards is curating a three-part series event at the iconic Fondazione Prada in Milan, Italy, a symbol of art and culture.

The first event of the series, called “I Want To Like You But I Find It Difficult“, took place on April 19th during the Milan Design Week, and it was featured by Chilean electronic music producer and DJ Ricardo Villalobos and Richards himself.

The final two events will take place at Fondazione Prada courtyard on June 8th and September 28th, including the likes of Ethiopian jazz musician Mulatu Astatke and Japanese minimal and ambient composer Midori Takada in June, and Tony Allen, Monolake, Burnt Friedman and Joy Orbison in September.

The concept of my curation revolves around the notion that music, when juxtaposed, can be challenging, confrontational and even awkward. As a music collector and lover, this is an area of realization and understanding I have always been fascinated by. My role as a curator here is simply to present my musical discoveries, old and new, in an order which creates inspiration, enjoyment, intrigue and potential discomfort. It is the contrast within these choices which represent the statement itself. The fundamental aim is to recognize a common thread which runs through the music and somehow stitches it together. The idea that ‘liking’ music is not always easy but with perseverance the rewards are potentially great” explained Craig Richards.


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