Ezikiel Drafts in Ricardo Villalobos & Davide Squillace on Brand-New Release, ‘Trinidad’

Out now via Celesta Recordings.

Swiss DJ and producer Ezikiel returns to Celesta Recordings with a new release, Trinidad.

The first track to be revealed from the deep delving, explorative roots investigation that will be his debut album Unite, ‘Trinidad‘ is an immersive 17 minute trip that “twangs, ripples and shimmers with traditional Trinidadian instrumentation and vocals, carefully wrapped around a voluptuous, warm analogue groove with hypnotic effect,” a press release reads.

Also included in the EP are two remixes from Ricardo Villalobos and Davide Squillace.

The Chilean electronic music producer and DJ delivers “an extensive trip that defies arrangement typicalities, delves deep into Ezikiel’s original sound palette and writhes amid the traditional instruments.

For a more conventional techno twist look no further than Davide Squillace’s take; “driving and direct, it’s tailored for a peak time lift with his signature bulbous rolling groove and the perfect balance of the original’s unique elements.

Listen to Trinidad EP below!

01. Ezikiel – Trinidad (Original Mix)
02. Ezikiel – Trinidad (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
03. Ezikiel – Trinidad (Davide Squlliace Remix)


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