Munich based duo Zenker Brothers deliver their contribution to Repitch Recordings’ ‘Dys Functional Electronic Music’ set for release on March 16 via Repitch Recordings. The compilation includes ‘Perainer’.

‘Perainer’ is a trip back in time for Zenker Brothers, who produced the track around 2011: “We recorded this 5-6 years ago and it is probably the most evil sounding track we’ve made so far. Sometimes the machines decide where we’re going and on this night they were celebrating a shaman ceremony or something.”

As described by the label, the material found on the ‘Dys Functional Electronic Music’ compilation is “deviating from norms or distancing itself from common club functionalism”. Fan can expect 16 tracks from the likes of Skudge, Pinch, Ascion, Mike Parker and more, that smashes genre boundaries and showcasing a unique approach.

Listen to ‘Perainer’ by Zenker Brothers here!


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