Rockstar Games is about to release the new update for Grand Theft Auto V, featuring the addition of a nightclub in Los Santos with The Black Madonna, Solomun, Dixon and Tale Of Us as resident DJs. Now the NYC-based video game publisher has unveiled the trailer for GTA Online: After Hours, which will be available on July 24th.

The new expansion will allow players to buy the nightclub and run the establishment from setup, design, staffing, and promotion, users will be also able to interact with the industry’s leading DJs. The nightclub, of course, will act as a front for the most concentrated network of criminal enterprise ever to hit San Andreas.

It’s so surreal seeing yourself in a game of this calibre. I can say this experience was nothing short of incredible. From the motion capture and acting process, to having my face mapped and fully entering this world. It was just as much fun as you’d think it was, stepping outside my reality and into the fantasy of GTA,” revealed The Black Madonna.

Watch the trailer below because you don’t want to miss The Black Madonna knocking a cop out!


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