Watch Moby’s New ‘Like A Motherless Child’ Music Video Here!

The new album 'Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt' comes out on March 2nd.

Moby has announced his new album titled ‘Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt’, set for release on March 2nd via his own Little Idiot imprint.

The forthcoming LP sees the acclaimed American musician, DJ, producer, singer and songwriter returning to his “orchestral, soul, trip-hop and gospel roots,” the label says.

Moby has also shared the lead single called “Like A Motherless Child“, featuring L.A.-based vocalist Raquel Rodriguez. A rework of the well-known spiritual of the same name having its origins in the era of slavery in the American South which “describes the void left when one feels separated from a parent, higher power or similar guiding force,” adds the label.

Photo: Monique Wuestenhagen

In a recent interview with Billboard, the legendary icon also talked about the new video saying: “I wish I had more to say about the video. I guess I feel a little guilty that there isn’t more of a sort of political component to it. One of the things I love about music and music videos: you have an ability to create a sort of discreet world. When you listen to a record or a song or watch a video, you’re stepping into someone’s world. And that’s sort of what I was trying to do with this video. And I worked with the cinematographer, he also worked with James Cameron. He’s really good at what he does. And in a way, some of the other videos I’ve made, the videos themselves have been quite political.

He then continues: “The song is quite personal and emotional, and maybe this is not a great thing, but I wanted this video to draw attention to that. The French concept of mise-en-scène, where what you see onscreen represents the emotional tenor of the music, I wanted it to do that somehow. So there are these outdoor shots that are so isolated, and that’s really the theme of the song as well. I wish I had something smarter or more relevant to say, but that’s all it.

Moby also made a YouTube playlist of tracks to showcase his influences and inspirations, where you can also watch his new video.

01. Mere Anarchy
02. The Waste Of Suns
03. Like A Motherless Child
04. The Last Of Goodbyes
05. The Ceremony Of Innocence
06. The Tired And The Hurt
07. Welcome To Hard Times
08. The Sorrow Tree
09. Falling Rain And Light
10. The Middle Is Gone
11. This Wild Darkness
12. A Dark Cloud Is Coming


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