Top 25 Best Selling Techno Records

Discogs published a list of the top-selling records from 2016

Secondhand online vinyl market Discogs published a list of the top-selling records from 2016 that are identified by the “techno” genre tag.

Many of the entrants on the list are unsurprising, like Mall Grab’s Sun Ra EP, and others even made it onto our list of the 11 most rinsed tracks of 2016—namely, both the original and reissue releases of DJ Metatron’s 2 The Sky EP. Given that the top-seller roundup only covers the records that sold the most copies over the course of 2016, it makes sense that not all of the records on the list came out last year. In fact, many entries in our list of the 50 most rinsed records of all time still sold well even years after their release.

See the full list of Discogs’ top-selling techno records and the number of copies they sold below.

1. Mall Grab, Sun Ra EP (520 copies sold)

2. Convextion, 2845 (355 copies sold)

3. Soul Capsule, Overcome (352 copies sold)

4. Aphex Twin, Selected Ambient Works reissue (319 copies sold)

5. DJ Sotofett, “Current 82″/”Dark Plan 5” (319 copies sold)

6. DJ Metatron, 2 The Sky (290 copies sold)
7. DJ Metatron, 2 The Sky reissue (273 copies sold)
8. Moderat, Moderat (234 copies sold)
9. Breaker 1 2, Breakin’ (228 copies sold)
10. Mr. Oizo, Flat Beat (227 copies sold)
11. Boo Williams, Residual EP (222 copies sold)
12. Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner, “Sky And Sand” (221 copies sold)
13. DJ Koze, XTC (217 copies sold)
14. DJ Metatron, U’ll Be The King Of The Stars (217 copies sold)
15. Ben Klock, Before One EP (205 copies sold)
16. Wax, No. 30003 (198 copies sold)
17. Malin Genie, Sense Of Swing EP (196 copies sold)
18. Fit Siegel, Carmine (195 copies sold)
19. Globex, Inversia 1 (180 copies sold)
20. Floorplan, Sanctified EP (178 copies sold)
21. WK7/Head High, “Do It Yourself”/”Rave” (176 copies sold)
22. Jeff Mills, Kat Moda EP (169 copies sold)
23. Thomas Bangalter, Trax On Da Rocks (168 copies sold)
24. Levon Vincent, NS-12 (161 copies sold)
25. Clarence, Hyperspace Sound Lab reissue (158 copies sold)


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