Spotify Is Dramatically Changing The Rules for Remixers

Thanks to a change in the rules, remixers are now getting credit for their impact on music culture.

The music streaming giant stated in a blog post that remixers will now receive credit for their remixes by having the streams count towards their monthly listeners.  While this only applies to remixes that were published post-2015, this is a major change for the platform.

In the same blog post, Spotify spoke with Little Louie Vega about this major change. He stated, “I don’t think the normal person gets it.  But somebody in the dance scene or the hip-hop scene, they understand what a remix is.  But even then I don’t think most people realize how much would go into creating a remix.  The perfect way to show somebody – let’s say one of my family members said, ‘what do you do when you remix a record?’ So I’ll say, ‘Listen to the original and now listen to my remix. What you hear right here, that’s not in the original. That’s what I did.’”

Remixers will also gain much deeper insights.  The quick result for remixers is a deeper focus on where their music is being played, and how their fans are engaging with their music.

According to the New York Times, Spotify is pursuing a direct listing for its shares — meaning no money is raised or new stocks are issued. But investors and insiders are able to freely trade on a liquid exchange.


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