Spotify is furthering its commitment to the live space through a new partnership with Ticketmaster. They will be integrating their concert listings into artist pages, the recommended concerts feature, and their emails. Ticketmaster’s global scale provides Spotify users with the most diverse options for live events and will help drive more fans to concerts. Working directly with the Ticketmaster team and their data feeds Spotify will simplify the purchase experience and deepen their understanding of how recommendations drive sales. By combining listening data with purchase behavior, they’ll be able to refine their recommendations — and ultimately provide users with a sharper understanding of their fans.

If you are familiar with Spotify, you will already know that upon listening to a song through an artist’s page you can see when they will be performing in a city close by. This partnership is all thanks to Songkick. Now if we haven’t lost you, this new partnership with Ticketmaster will provide much needed links to further information (i.e Concert listings, ticket information) through personalised emails sent straight to your inbox.

Ramping up the notion that Spotify is well a truly a music streaming titan, the popular music streaming service assures that this new partnership with Ticketmaster will only be a positive and that it’s yet another move in helping them to understand user trends and to help refine listening recommendations.

This new streaming-ticketing union rivals that of Pandora and Ticketfly, with the former’s 2015 acquisition of the latter also resulting in nearby concert recommendations through the radio-like streaming service.


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