Roland and Malekko Announce SYSTEM-500 Complete Set

Four new analog Eurorack modules based on SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100M.

Roland, in collaboration with Portland-based synthesizer module maker Malekko, is launching the complete set of SYSTEM-500, introduced in 2015, and it’s comprised of four new analog Eurorack modules.

The project features the SYS-510 synth voice, SYS-505 voltage-controlled filter, SYS-531 mixer and SYS-555 utility module with ring modulation, sample and hold, LFO and more, all based on SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100M, Roland’s first modular synth.

The SYS-510 includes three oscillator waveforms, low pass filter with hi-pass switches and a VCA, a multi-mode filter and VCA. Modulation comes from the SYS-555, which offers five core functions in one module. SYS-531 has six inputs and faders. While the SYS-505 is the same filter as the one in the Roland SH-5 synth.

Watch the video that shows how each module sounds and the effect they have on the sound creation below!

Price and release date are still TBA.


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