Pioneer DJ has launched a brand new controller, the DDJ-SX3.

Designed for dedicated use with Serato DJ Pro, the upgraded version of the popular DDJ-SX2 promises expanded connectivity and new features enabling users to make smooth transitions between DJs, guest speakers, musical genres and individual tracks.

The big changes are the addition of more input/output options, a jog wheels with reduced latency and an extra USB soundcard for dual DJ use and handoffs.

In addition to the popular twin Mic inputs inherited from the DDJ-SX2, the new 4-channel controller comes equipped with a dedicated Mic input onto the front of the unit, with its own level control and FX.

Thanks to the extra USB soundcard, users can control two laptops simultaneously, a tool perfect for seamless DJ transitions, back-to-back performances or simply for an emergency backup.

Users can also add texture and unique sounds to their mixes thanks to the new Sound Color FX and its various effects (Filter, Echo, Jet and Noise FX).

Plus, also included are licences for Serato DJ Pro and a voucher for the Serato Flip and Pitch ‘n Time DJ expansion packs.

The DDJ-SX3 will be available from early June at an SRP of £969 / $999 / €1099 including VAT.

Watch the introduction video for the DDJ-SX3 below!


1.     Three Mic inputs, plus Mic FX
A dedicated Mic input and level control knob on the front panel of the DDJ-SX3 comes in addition to the popular twin Mic inputs inherited from the DDJ-SX2, which are found on the rear panel. You can control the level, EQ and low-cut filter, and add reverb and compressor to each – enabling you to tweak the sound to suit the venue and ensure clear speech and vocals. You can also enhance performances by applying Sound Color FX such as Echo, plus Serato DJ Pro FX, to the two Mics plugged into the rear panel.

2.     Dual USB ports

Connect two computers running Serato DJ Pro at the same time for seamless DJ transitions or back-to-back performances. Or connect a backup computer in case your laptop crashes.

3.     Sound Color FX
Add texture and unique sounds to your mixes using the popular Filter, Echo, Jet and Noise FX.

4.     Clear visual design maximising Serato DJ Pro features
The DDJ-SX3 inherits the interface design of our professional hardware, so you can intuitively use all its features.

·       Multicoloured Performance Pads

Trigger 11 Serato DJ Pro features including Hot Cues, Sampler and Pitch Play with the large, multicoloured Performance Pads. Watch their colours and illumination change instantly to show the selected pad mode and playing status.

·       Jog wheels with reduced latency
Scratching feels natural on the jog wheels, which feature reduced latency compared to those on the DDJ-SX2. Get instant information about the current playback status and position from the illuminating On Jog Display for more precise performances.

·       Clear design with quality look and feel

The DDJ-SX3 feels natural to use thanks to the clear visual division of the player and mixer sections, which feature high-quality black hairline aluminium and gunmetal grey finishes respectively.

5.     Advanced key-related features via Pitch ‘n Time DJ (licence included)
A voucher for Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ is included with the DDJ-SX3 so you can use Key Shift, Key Sync, Pitch Play and other advanced features to smoothly and harmonically mix tracks. Adjust the key of tracks by semitone with Key Shift, and sync the keys of tracks during mixes with Key Sync. Pitch Play lets you trigger your Hot Cues in a range of different keys and assign them to the controller’s Performance Pads so you can play them like a keyboard.

6.     Stand-alone DJ mixer with multiple inputs/outputs
The DDJ-SX3 has four external input terminals for multi players, turntables, DJ controllers and more. Connect various types of speakers to the XLR and RCA master out terminals and the TRS jack booth out terminal. You can also use the DDJ-SX3 as a stand-alone DJ mixer without connecting a computer. Connect multi players and analog turntables and use them with the controller’s mixer section.

7.     Other features

·       Serato Flip: A voucher for Serato Flip is included with the DDJ-SX3 so you can create and save Hot Cue sequences to make custom edits of your tracks and use the dedicated Serato Flip controls to play them back at the touch of a button. Get even more creative by skipping or repeating track sections on the fly.

·       Grab handles on both sides: Easy to carry and set up.

·       Mic input circuit: Clear audio without distortion, even with high input level.

·       Needle search pad: Instantly jump to a specific part of a track with a simple touch of the pad.

·       Slip Mode: Silently keeps a track playing during a loop, sample, or Hot Cue. Release the jog wheel and the track comes back at exactly the right place.

·       Paid upgrade to Serato DVS: For Serato DJ Pro deck control using multi players and turntables (Expansion Pack available separately).

Head to Pioneer DJ website for more info.


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