“NO FLYERS NO POSTERS, 25 years of Sónar Image” Celebrates Sónar’s 25th Anniversary

Centre d'Art Tecla Sala will host a reinterpretation of Sónar's iconic campaign themes over the last 25 years

From May 24th to June 23rd, coinciding with Sónar‘s 25th anniversary, the Centre d’Art Tecla Sala in Barcelona’s L’hospitalet will host a reinterpretation of Sónar’s iconic campaign themes over the last quarter century, and the entrance is free.

Through a selection of over 50 iconic pieces displayed in 10 rooms, “NO FLYERS NO POSTERS. 25 years of Sónar image“, this is the name of the exhibition, offers an experiential tour through the numerous themes that have shaped the Sónar campaigns over the last 25 years.

Co-director of Sónar and the artist behind its visual imagery is Sergio Caballero who curated the installation of the exhibition, offering an experiential tour through different works that revisit a sizeable selection of Sónar’s distinct iconography. These works have not simply been reproduced but are re-imagined to evoke: recoiling from elements such as flyers, posters or other digital media formats, instead bringing together videos, sculptures, installations, documentation and photographs that blur, question and disrupt the reality of the onlooker and challenge their memories of Sónar imagery.

It’ll be a gift for fans and Sónar history fetishists, those who eagerly await each year’s image will recognize objects, clothes, models, photographs and sculptures from the festival’s campaign icons and characters.


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