House of Frankie meets Deepinside at ADE 2016

During our visit at Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 we had the pleasure to meet Deepinside and had a chat with them.

One of our main partners from the international house music scene during our House of Frankie and Double Cheese meet and greet at Toms Flagship Store in Amsterdam was DEEPINSIDE. They started in 2005 as an Online Radio broadcasting non-mainstream and underground artists of various music genres such as Soulful House, Deep House, House, Ambient and Chill-out. Within 3 years, DEEPINSIDE became the 2nd most listened House music Online Radio in the world with more than 1,2 million listeners from 173 countries.


House of Frankie Event ADE 21st Edition.

We are here at Toms with the guys of Deepinside, thank you for being with us.

Thank you so much, nice to meet you guys.

Nice to meet you, it’s a pleasure. What do you think about this 21dt edition of ADE? How is it going?

Great, it’s really great to see all the people gathered together. It’s really the most supporting initiative for all the underground people to talk to each other. We have already talked via email, we’ve worked and collaborated together but right now it’s just gathering together. I mean we have the Ibiza season which is already over, now here we’re kind of chilling and it’s really cool, really a great atmosphere. Seeing people from different countries is really great. Those who have created the conferences did the perfect thing, a very great experience so far.

Christopher: It was the first time for me and it was a very good experience to meet some deejays and many friendly people.

Would you like to tell us about the projects you’re working on for the near future?

We’re in partnership with a couple of radios to organize our own event, so it is going to be a Deepinside Showcase hopefully for the next year where we can take all the people we met: we have great radios like House of Frankie and Double Cheese Records and all the people we get along with to organize an unforgettable event. That’s our objective for the future and we need to be part of that actively.

Thank you so much Deepinside for being with us, we hope to see you on House of Frankie.

Thank you to House of Frankie crew, Luyo and his beautiful wife.

Thank you very much guys we really hope to work with you!


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