House of Frankie meets Ron Carroll at ADE 2016

During our visit at Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 we had the pleasure to meet Ron Carrol and had a chat with him.

Ron Carroll, a Chicago based singer, songwriter, producer/remixer, and well respected DJ, is known primarily on the global music circuit. Ron wrote and sung on many major singles including ‘Lucky Star’ with SuperFunk or ‘What A Wonderful World’ with Bob Sinclar & Axwell, and  worked with many of the world’s most famous producers such as Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclair (also for a classic release such as ‘Love Generation’), David Guetta, and Steve Angello.

When R.O.N.N aka Ron Carroll is not working in the studio, he performs at some of the largest electronic dance music events in the world including Amsterdam Dance Event where we had the honour to meet him.

Here our short interview:

Thank you so much it’s really good to be here, I’m glad you are talking to me, thank you.

Thank you. So what can you tell us about this 21st edition? What do you think about it?

Well I’ve been around since it started, so of course it has grown till being a master, so many people here, so many artists. One thing I like about ADE is diversity, there’s different artists of all walks of life here and that’s what I like, young, old, we all respect one another. The key is there’s no “Oh you’re older, you’re done or you play this, you play that”; we all have this mutual respect and it’s good, it’s a good time!

Yeah it’s a very influencing place! Is there any event where you are going to perform during these nights? Where can we find you?

Well last night I was at the Café in the City, tonight I’m at La Cage right next to Rose’s Cantina and it’s going to be a great night because Suntree Records is a good record label here, so I’m excited for that, it should be good.

So would you like to tell us about some of your projects for the future?

Yeah a lot is coming out! I have a couple of projects that I’m working on for a UK label and another one is for another label that I can’t say, I’m sorry. However we’re doing a lot of album staff now, I think we will get away from the singles and we will focus on doing albums and I think in this place and all around it’s better! So me and Aires Adora, that’s my artist, she’s a singer and together we are doing great music. Next year will be great!

Thank you to Ron Carroll for being with us, congratulations and good luck for all your projects.

Thank you, thank you love, thank you!


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