House of Frankie meets Joe Smooth at ADE 2016

During our visit at Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 we had the pleasure to meet Joe Smooth and had a chat with him.

During our visit at Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 we had the pleasure to
meet Joe Smooth and had a chat with him.

Joe Smooth is one of the pioneers of the style of music known today as house music.

He is a self-taught musician who from the age of 12 has been creating music that is inspiring to all that his sound has touched. In 1985 he joined the DJ International family and quickly became a central force behind everything written or produced from the visionary label. This included Co-producing The Jack Trax EP with Chip-E, the first record to use the words House and Jack. Many say this was the first true house record.

Joe also Co-produced and mixed Frankie Knuckles first record the remake of “You Can’t Hide”. He has worked with such artists as Frankie Knuckles, Marshal Jefferson, Chip E, A Guy Called Gerald, Lil Louis, D’Bora, Tyree Cooper, Fast Eddie, Fingers Inc., The Art Of Noise, Sterling Void, The Pet Shop Boys, Janet Jackson, Brian Mcknight, Atlantic Starr, The Style Council, New Order, Steve Hurley… and countless more.

From 2005 until today Joe Smooth is one of the top DJ’s in Chicago, a certified platinum producer/remixer  and world class engineer. He has 2 labels Obelisk Production Multimedia, which has songs signed by worldwide artist such as Faith Evans and George Clinton. Indie Art Music his second label is based on the more underground and up and coming sounds. Joe Smooth has always worked hard to stay ahead of the curve and is a consultant and mentor to some of the worlds greatest producers, djs, and labels.


House of Frankie, Amsterdam, ADE 21st Edition 2016

We are honoured to be here with the great Joe Smooth, thank you for being with us!

Thank you, I appreciate it!

What can you tell us about this 21st edition? How is it going?

It is going very very good, it seems like it’s just more crowded than it was last year.

Many other things have been done like new meetings and new collaborations for the next year. I’m also doing my own parties next year, we are going to start a series of parties called “Jacket” featured with a lots from Chicago scene, give back to the rules of house music, we are just going to bring it all back around, back to “Square 1”.

Yes we’re seeing that it is growing and growing every year. Can you tell us about your next projects, something interesting that you’re working on?

I’m trying to merge some of the different styles together. There is a project that is coming out with George Clinton who is singing about House Music; with Chaka Khan, there’s also another project in collaboration with a gospel singer, I’ve been doing a lot of inspiration of Gospel House; with the label Jacket we have been doing a lot of Deep Underground Original Chicago House Sound incorporated with a little bit of contemporary sounds and elements. So there’s a lot going on.

Amazing we wish you all the luck for these projects. And where can we find you during these days here in Amsterdam? Are you attending any of the events?

I’ll maybe be around at the SkyLounge, I’m also doing something with The School of House tonight and always here at the Felix. I’m around, you can find me!

Thank you so much for being with House of Frankie. Thank you to Joe Smooth.

Thank you. Frankieee.


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