The label releases a compilation every year to showcase key artists and this one will be made up of 12 tracks by artists such as Sebastian Mullaert, John Tejada, Baba Stiltz, Acid Pauli, Johannes Volk and Fort Romeau.

01. Kamran Sadeghi – Anno Domini
02. Alex & Digby – Da Dang
03. Sebastian Mullaert – Ode To Be
04. Harald Björk – Spring
05. Carlos Nilmmns – Fragile feat. Genoveva
06. Rico Puestel – If I’d Care More
07. Sollscher & Slech – Pulse Train
08. Johannes Volk – Luminance
09. Fort Romeau – Sequence In D
10. John Tejada – Blitzar
11. Acid Pauli – Toms Heimweh
12. Baba Stiltz – All I Can (About You)
Cocoon will release Cocoon Compilation Q on June 9th, 2017.


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