Aylen and Torres Just Dropped Their New ‘Bomb / Freq Skanka’ EP

Out now via Psycho Disco!

New Jersey DJ and producer Aylen has teamed up with Denver-based producer Torres on a massive new EP hand-picked by Treasure Fingers for his Psycho Disco! records.

Out now, the EP titled ‘Bomb / Freq Skanka‘ is just as explosive as the title would imply. Kicking off with lead single “Bomb,” we hear Aylen and Torres pull major influence from the sound of UK bass music. Fusing that with classic four-on-the-floor house rhythms, “Bomb” is a prime example of both producers’ respective talents and sonic strengths. Next up on “Freq Skanka,” the pair incite a frenzy on a whirlwind paced club single. Packed with cowbell, warped vocals, and a rousing build to breakdown, “Freq Skanka” is over four-minutes of some of the best contemporary House music has to offer.

Listen to the double-header below!


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